Our Corporate Team

  • Kevin Morse


    Kevin Morse has been in real estate for almost 30 years. In 1989 graduated from Arizona State University with a BS in Real Estate. Mr. Morse began his real estate career in Phoenix, Arizona as a real estate broker providing leasing, sales, and management services for industrial properties.

    In 1997 Mr. Morse relocated to Chicago, Illinois took a position as director for a apartment community property management company that owned communities in Illinois and Wisconsin.

    In 2007 Mr. Morse founded MGM Property Management, L.L.C. to provide management services for apartment communities owned by entities affiliated with MGM.

    Mr. Morse retains the following licenses and certifications:
    Indiana Real Estate Brokers License
    Assisted Housing Manager (AHM) requirement of HUD by Quadel Consulting

  • Pamela Kristek

    Senior Regional Manager

    Pamela Kristek has been with MGM for over 5 years and more than 25 years experience in the multi-family industry.

    Ms. Kristek retains the following certifications:
    Certified Apartment Manager (CAM) by the National Apartment Association
    Assisted Housing Manager (AHM) requirements of HUD by Quadel Consulting

  • Jennifer Wingard

    Regional Manager

    Jennifer Wingard has been with MGM since 2017 as our Regional Manager overseeing properties in Michigan and Northern Indiana. Jennifer has more than 12 years of experience in the multi-family industry.

    Ms. Wingard graduated from Indiana University Bloomington with a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and International Studies.

  • Julie Schaap

    Senior Accountant

    Julie Schaap has been with MGM for over 7 years as our Senior Account and has almost 12 years of accounting experience.

    Mrs. Schaap graduated from Purdue University earning her bachelors degree in accounting.

  • Denae Krooswyk


    Denae Krooswyk has been with MGM for 5 years as our accountant. Denae has 8 years of accounting and Property Management experience.

    Ms. Krooswyk has a Bachelor of Science in Accounting at Governor’s State University.

  • Danny Gonzalez

    Regional Maintenance Coordinator

    Danny Gonzalez has been with MGM for 4 years as our Regional Maintenance Supervisor. Danny has over 14 years in maintenance management.

    Mr. Gonzalez retains the following certifications:
    Gas Distribution (Master Meter Operator)
    HVAC Certified
    Michigan Mechanical Licensed

  • Erica Watkins

    Marketing Director

    Erica Watkins has been with MGM for 3 years, starting as our Property Manager at a small community in Michigan and earning her way as our Marketing Director for all of MGM's Properties.

    Mrs. Watkins has 10 years experience in the Property Management industry and over 5 years in Marketing and Advertising.

  • Michelle Donaldson

    Human Resource Coordinator

    Michelle Donaldson has been with MGM for 4 years as our Property Manager in Indiana as well as our Human Resource Coordinator. Michelle has almost 20 years experience in the Property Management Industry.

    Mrs. Donaldson is currently enrolled at at Purdue University Global pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Human Resource.

  • Tammy Hamman

    Collection Loss Coordinator

    Tammy Hamman has been with MGM for 4 years as a Property Manager in Indiana while also, taking the lead as our Collection Loss Coordinator. Tammy has 16 years experience in the Property Management industry.

    Ms. Hamman was enrolled at a credible college pursuing her bachelors degree.

  • Colleen Bahr

    Staff Accountant & Training Coordinator

    Colleen Bahr has been with MGM for 3 years as our Staff Accountant & Training Coordinator.

    Mrs. Bahr has 14 years experience in the banking/financial field. Working her way up starting as a teller to branch manager and assisted in the training department as a collection manger.

  • Rachel Rodriguez

    A/P Accountant

    Rachel Hollingshead started with MGM in 2018 as our staff accountant.

    Ms. Hollingshead recently graduated from Purdue University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting.